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Do you want to have a party on the water?  Do you love waterparks, but hate the crowds?  Los Cabos TARZAN BOAT and Water Activities has the answer for you!  Our boat and exclusive water activities in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, are the ultimate experiences on the ocean.  Enjoy 1 of 3 exclusive activities created for individuals and groups of all ages to have fun with a memorable experience.  Click on the activity below to learn more!


Water Joust

tug of war

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Tarzan Boat

Our Boat is equipped with the Monkey Jump, a 6′ platform leap, the Monkey Bounce, a small trampoline on the same staircase. The 14′ high Gorilla Jump Diving board, the 12′ trampoline Gorilla Bounce. A 12′ swing-out called the Tarzan Swing. The 12′ water slide Jungle Slide. As you can see we have plenty of areas for you and your friends to have a blast!

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It’s best to Contact Us with preferred day, time and number of people in your group – we’ll get you the best options for Los Cabos Tarzan Boats.

Water Jousting

Test you might!!  The Jousting is one of our more competitive sports on the water!  Applicable to men, women and children supervised, you’ll have a soft floating platform to run on and gain momentum for your attack!  Your weapon of choice will be a big “Stick” and a big a** Boxers’ glove attached to the end!  When you yell, “GO!” only one will remain victorious and the loser will have to swim back to shore and demand a rematch!  You don’t want to miss this experience in Los Cabos, San Lucas!  


tug of war

Signup for Tug-of-War, to battle groups of friends and family or challenge complete strangers to be crowned as The Tarzan Champions!  This is a great way to bond with your group or meet new people to challenge for the crown in Los Cabos, San Lucas!



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